Reading Role Reflection

As a result of actively participating in this group activity, I found that my understanding of the reading was enhanced significantly as each group member was able to offer their interpretation of the text from a distinct perspective. Furthermore, I learnt that deconstructing the text in this manner enabled a more thorough and concise examination of the reading as central concepts and ideas were effectively extracted from the content to be elaborated on. More specifically, in undertaking the role of ‘investigator’ I was able to provide a contextual backdrop for the reading and in doing so the research paradigms became more concrete and in a sense, tangible to myself and the other group members as they were informed of the myriad, external as well as personal influences which contributed largely to the motivations and purpose of Winch and Holliday’s (2010) research.

A challenging aspect of the reader role activity was the requirement to look at the reading from only one angle, that is, the specific perspective related to each reader role then having to sustain an engaging and active discussion focused around the relevant ideas and information threaded out from the larger text. Moreover, it was also difficult to brainstorm creative strategies that could be employed throughout the discussion to encourage members to participate by contributing their thoughts and opinions. Nevertheless, by using the PMI analysis model to evaluate the methods used by fellow group members, I was able to assess and familiarise myself with the strategies that prompted effective discourse and discussion, which could ultimately be implemented for my own presentation in the following weeks.


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